If you're ready to move forward with everything God's inviting you to play with in 2022, it's time to Structure Your Year Like A Story!


Goal setting is great! If you don't get intentional about the things God's niggling you about, it's all too easy to sleepwalk from one month to the next, one year to the next.

But what traditional goal-setting often fails to address is the frustrating "messy middle" where we find ourselves facing a lot of trial & error. It's time to find another way to play ...

When you structure your year like a story, you change the narrative around goal-setting (pun totally intended!) and find yourself not only realising your goals - but also have a lot more fun & freedom in the process.

Starting November 9th in The Rainbow Room, we're going to be structuring your year like a story, live, together! Here's what that'll look like:

  • Every Tuesday for 6 weeks we're going to be exploring Structure Your Year Like A Story together in a small-group setting. You, me and 9 other people are going to meet every Tuesday @ 2pm UK time / 9am ET / 8am CT for one hour.
  • Before each session you'll have a short PDF to read so that when we meet we can dig into all your questions and explore how the teaching relates specifically to you and the things God is niggling you about.
  • In-between sessions you'll have our private room in The Blue House, The Rainbow Room, to share what comes up for you, your questions, your wins.
  • At the end of the six weeks you'll have a working plan for 2022 - plus a paperback copy of the Structure Your Year Like A Story journal to keep you focussed as you move through your story questions in the year ahead.

PLEASE NOTE: The Rainbow Room is a private small group space within The Blue House. Membership is usually £100 per month with monthly coaching calls but if you can see this page it means the 10 spaces aren't yet filled. As a thank you for being a valued member of The Blue House, you can join for £75 today for the next 90 days and enjoy weekly coaching calls from November 9th - December 14th @ 2pm UK / 9am ET / 8am CT.

Structure Your Year Like A Story as a member of The Rainbow Room


Join The Rainbow Room Monthly

90 days for £75 (≈$102 USD) then £75 per month

  • Every week for 6 weeks, small group Zoom coaching

  • Access to The Rainbow Room for daily small group support & encouragement

  • Paperback copy of Structure Your Year Like A Story (when it's published in December 2021)

  • Three months for the price of one then 25% off the regular Rainbow Room pricing - limited to 10 people only