Take me at my word!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What might today look like if we tried something new? What if you showed up in a way that felt like you were walking with your eyes closed? Yes, I know that sounds uncomfortable. Can you trust me? Do you believe that I will lead you in the right way? What if you stumble? Will I let you fall down or, if you fall, do you trust that I can help you get back up again?

You can trust me. I do know what I’m doing and even right now in this moment I am preparing to amaze and delight you! There is more going on that you can totally see and yes, I know that we’ve explored that before but it’s time to really, really take me at my word. 

Test me. Try me. Take me at my word and see if I really can show up for you today in a way far greater that you can imagine. You think you know what everything would look like or feel like if it were proceeding correctly, based on your limited perspective of what correctly means. But what if you don’t really know anything at all?

I don’t say that to chastise you or to make you feel small. You are a child of the King of kings remember and, as such, you can stand tall. You have more power and ability than you really ever give yourself credit for. You have not seen anything yet!

I will say it again … I want to surprise and delight you. Will you let me? Will you take me at my word and trust that I know exactly what I’m doing? Can we move together today with you totally led by me? What’s that going to look like? Yes, it’s going to feel a little uncomfortable as you adjust, but what if it’s for the very best? Part of my very best for you? Test me. Try me. Take me at my word!

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