The lonely truth about self-employment that no one ever talks about.

Did you ever have one of those day where everything just feels meh? Or worse than meh, some days it’s downright rubbish?!?

If it’s a good week, it might only last a day or even just a couple of hours. And then you’re back. The grass is greener, the sky bluer and life is good again.

I guess you could say it’s the life of the entrepreneur.

It makes me laugh though. How many people dream of escaping the rat race? They talk about wanting to get away from the man and doing their own thing. And I’m sure they mean it, they really, really do.

And yet, for many people, it never happens.

After a bit of a meh day earlier in the week, I got to wondering if this cycle of highs and lows is the reason why.

I mean, it’s not like the people who make it are any smarter or stronger or better positioned than the people who don’t, is it?

Or maybe they’re prettier? I’m sure we’ve both heard the research that talks about how attractive people earn more than ugly folk.

Nope, I’m not buying that excuse either.

What if, ultimately, it all simply comes down to ones ability to deal with the crap days?

When someone with a job has a horrible day, she doesn’t just decide, enough is enough and throw in the towel. Well, not on the average day she doesn’t. Sure, at some point she might quit.

But most people just chalk it up to it being work and carry on.

In so doing, we brainwash ourselves into believing that life outside of a job is just peachy. Lazy mornings working in PJs followed by long lunches and working in the sunshine. The picture is idillic.

The truth is, some days are just horrible, regardless of what you do or don’t do for work.┬áThis thing we call life is a series of ups and downs and twisty bits and it isn’t all sunshine, puppies and rainbows.

Sometimes the dog bites!

So the next time you’re having a dreadful day, do the world a favour and remember that this is not the end.

Your gig is not broken.

This planet still needs you to do your thing.

And then go run yourself a bubble bath, take a deep breath and just chill. Because the ability to dictate your own schedule is one luxury I would not swap!

You are brilliant and I will not let you forget it.