The one thing you need to know before searching for your perfect day

A couple of nights ago, I took my eldest daughter to the cinema. Again. It’s become something of a habit for the two of us. We both love a good movie.

It’s the stories I love the most. They kind of grip me and, even if the story is really silly, I just need to know how it all works out.

And I got to thinking about why stories are so popular.

At first I thought it was just about the people but I loved Cars (although Cars 2 was even better!) and there isn’t a single human in sight throughout the whole film.

So maybe it’s about the relationships? And the idea of good triumphing over evil. Happy endings.

Nope, for me at least, it really is all about the people.

Because even in Cars, where there are no people, the characters take on human traits. They can walk and talk and feel and fall in (and out!) of love.

If we’re made in God’s image, what does our fascination with human stories say about our creator?

I guess you could say he is the ultimate story teller and having seen some of those action scenes in Percy Jackson the other day, I’m pretty sure his battle scenes would give them a run for their money.

We love stories because we are fascinated with people.

Could it be that we are fascinated with people because God is too?

What would your today look like if you woke up knowing that God is fascinated by you?

I imagine him sat their, watching your day unfold, smiling to himself with delight, not unlike the way a parent might watch her child take his first steps.

We talked yesterday about plans and purpose but I could not let us go even one more step further in this journey without first pausing to remind you of just how loved and treasured you really are.

Until next time, keep smiling.