The perfect sacrifice?

It’s not about finding the perfect space to create. There’s no magic bullet that will mean everything is perfectly wonderful, with ease and success a dead cert.

Sometimes it’s not even about looking around and learning from your peers. Only you can be you. If your peers were about to do what you must, they’d probably do it very differently. Or at least, with their own flavour.

Only you can be you. There is no other.

It’s time to stop looking to others and to start trusting that your creator knows what he’s doing.

Listen to the nudges. Try stuff. Pay attention to what lights you up and makes you smile and do more of that stuff.

Doing the easy stuff doesn’t make you selfish. You’re not a hedonist because you like to smile.

You were put on this planet to be you, quirks and foibles and eccentricities and all.

Embracing who you are is an act of worship.

Feeling and expressing thanks to the poet, when it’s God’s poem, that’s worship too.

Worship isn’t about waving your arms around on a Sunday morning or saying a perfectly put together prayer.

Be you. Embrace what God is doing in your life. It’s the best kind of sacrifice you can offer.