The “stop doing” edition …

It’s official … I hate grocery shopping!

Not because it feels like a complete waste of my time.

Not because the supermarket feels like the most soulless building in the whole town.

And not because they keep moving stuff around (although yes, that is very irritating!)

I hate grocery shopping because, last week, it forced me to admit to myself (and now you) that, sometimes, I’m a right miserable cow who likes nothing more than to have something to complain about!

This from the girl who loves to make people smile? Not good.

So after the shopping incident last week I decided that I would add ‘complaining about stuff I can’t change’ to my personal stop doing list.

Danielle LaPorte first introduced me to the idea of a ‘stop doing’ list, but I always thought of it as a list for stuff. Like, ‘stop doing my own accounts’ or ‘stop working for friends for free’. I’d never thought about ‘stop doing’ in terms of characteristics.

How about you?

Are there things that you do or places that you go to in your head that just don’t serve you? Maybe they’re not in alignment with the person you believe God made you to be?

The first step has got to be spotting what needs to go on the list. And then writing it down (there’s power in writing stuff down. Even God said that although that’s a story for another time.) But then what?

Is it really as easy as just recognising it and then stopping? I sure hope so! 😉

How about we give it a try, you and me?

Spot it. Write it. Stop it. Easy! 😀