There’s no magic bullet!

Recorded live in The Blue House, today’s episode of the podcast is for those times when you feel like there’s something standing in the way of you and God’s promises. Maybe you’ve fallen for the lie that if you could just read that one book or watch that video, finally everything would line up?

Spoiler alert: There is no magic bullet!

Plus the reminder too that if you’re ready to intentionally hear God’s heart, I’m here to help. Whether that’s via our wonderful community, The Blue House, in the small group coaching environment of The Rainbow Room or one on one via Voxer, you don’t have to try and do this on your own. We were created for community!

Links & Resources

The Blue House: Community, training, Zoom meetups and inspiration

The Rainbow Room: Group coaching to help you dream with God and take action

Voxing Day: One on one coaching to equip you to walk out your God adventure