This is for when you’re having one of those perfectly ordinary days.

You know the ones where it’s just the same old, same old?

Same routine. Nothing new, unexpected or exciting. Just any old day.

But what if it was extraordinary?

What if today might actually be amazing? Maybe for reasons that are totally ridiculous and nonsensical.

It’s my husband’s birthday today. He’s 39 years young and he’s already starting to worry that next year he might have a bit of a mid-life crisis.

But then it hit me … you can only have a mid-life crisis if you’re in the mid point of your life. Half way. As much left to come as has already been.

I don’t know about you but even the last 5 years has contained so much incredible stuff, to talk about 39 years – wowzas!

Sure, it might all be downhill from here but what if every single one of the next 14,235 days (and yes, I cheated and used a calculator) contained something wonderful and brilliant?

And what if you could actually help bring the sparkle that made each day fabulous?

Silly stuff. Seemingly inconsequential stuff. Delightful, wonderful stuff.

There will be days when life is hard and it seems totally impossible to bring even a glimmer of light, let alone some sparkle and shine.

But for everything else, there’s you.

And what if you being you, all sparkly and delighting in the silly small stuff you, happens to coincide with someone else’s dark day. They can’t sparkle but you help do it for them.

What kind of a difference might that make?

A pretty wonderful, fabulous difference I think 🙂

So here’s to sparkling and shining, God helping us.

Until next time,
Keep smiling, sparkling and shining 🙂