Time is a gift

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Here’s something I’d love for you to consider today … I play outside of time. Yes, I choose to step into each moment with you, experience it with you for the very first time, but I’m not bound or mastered by time. I created time for you.

Without time you would all too easily drift. I don’t want you to sleep walk through life and so I gave you time and seasons. Time is a gift, even if it doesn’t always feel like that to you. Allow me to show you the gift in this moment and then invite me to master time for you.

Stop glancing at the clock and instead understand that I can pause a moment. Yes, literally in the spiritual a moment can pause and you with it. And yes, I know that’s hard for you to get your head around. I only mention it because I need you to stop worrying about the passing of time.

Instead, embrace this moment. Ask me what we’re going to explore together right now and then let’s do that. You can trust me. I know what I’m doing. This isn’t my first time playing in time. Try holding your breath and consider that even in that moment I am right there with you, closer than the air that you just pulled into your lungs.

The whole of creation is poised, ready and waiting for you to embrace the next breath with me. There is nothing that can’t be done when we do it together. I simply need you to stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Pause. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel this moment with me. It is precious and cannot be repeated. 

I love you too much to allow you to run frantically through the motions each day. Instead, ask me to help you embrace the gift in today. Embrace it, open it, share it. Life is a gift to enjoy by giving. Stop being stingy and instead let’s live life out loud, together.

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