I’m so excited you decided to join us!

As a Playground Plus Member, you have two “first” steps – and yes, I realise it’s totally impossible to have two first steps! 😂

First then, let’s get you set up for Voxing Day:

Click here to book a time for our get-together on Zoom. (That link will open in a new tab. You need to come back to this page to finish setting up your Playground membership.)

Done that? Great! Time to finish setting up your Playground membership:

This is the direct link to our private Playground: ItchySoul.vip

IMPORTANT: Before you can access all the goodness you’ll need to set up your personal area in the Playground. To do that, go to ItchySoul.vip/welcome – the password is “youier”.

Once you’ve done that, take a peek in your inbox for a welcome email and some hints and tips to help you jump straight in! 😁

In the meantime though, a massive welcome! I’m thrilled and delighted you’ve decided to join us and I can’t wait to get to know you!

Lotsa love, El xox

P.S. This is the official “receipt” stuff I need to share with you:

Unable to locate payment record.