What are you expecting?

Monday morning. A brand new week. What are you expecting?

Are you expecting a wonderful new week full of exciting opportunities?

Are you expecting a tough new week full of trials and tough stuff?

Sometimes life just happens but what if, some of the time, the stuff we expect is actually what ends up happening?

Maybe that sounds a little too woo woo and left of field for your liking?

You know what? Sure, it might sound a little woo woo but the bible is littered with verses that talk about expectations. We’re told by James that we must pray expecting an answer and even Jesus told us to ask, believing that it will be given.

Is prayer something that is only valid if done with our eyes closed or with our hands together and head bowed?

If so, how was Paul able to tell us to pray continuously? I’m pretty sure his tent mending business might have suffered a little if he did all his work with his eyes closed!

What if every thought that enters your mind were prayer?

And those half whispered words? Yep, them too. The Holy Spirit can even take the aches and groans from our heart so I’m pretty sure he can use less than grammatically correct sentences.

So, if all of it is prayer, what if everything you think as you come into this new week were prayer too?

I’m not suggesting that, by expecting the week to be terrible, you’re actually praying for God to make it so, but what if you started this brand new week giving it to God, asking him to help you have the best week ever (whatever ‘best’ looks like for you and him) and expecting him to make it so?

Sure, bad stuff happens and some weeks are terrible.

But terrible is not the default setting so how about we go into the new week expecting stellar?

What might that look like?