What if focussing on love is how we actually resist?

God tells us that when we resist the devil, he’ll flee from us but psychology tells us “what we resist, persists” so how to we *actually* resist everything that isn’t God’s love in a powerful, effective way? That’s what we’re exploring in today’s episode of the podcast.
And the answer (in case you like to know the answer before hearing about it) is love. (Yes, yet again!)
Plus the story of how another driver cutting across my lane when I was running an errand for my daughter served to perfectly demonstrate this!
And finally, an invitation: What we’re exploring here isn’t “business as usual”. It’s counter-cultural and, as such, God doesn’t want you playing on your own. You were created for community, so if you don’t already have one, come and join ours! Youier.com/join

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