What if life was never meant to be this complicated?

What if we didn’t need to read yet another book, watch yet another YouTube video or master yet another three step, four step or five step process?

What if life was simply about stepping into today asking, “okay Dad, what are we going to do today?”

What if life really was just one great big, adventure, an opportunity to practice loving and listening and doing community?

What if it really was that simple?

But people like specifics. We want to know that what we’re doing isn’t just a big old waste of time because time is so precious, so fleeting. We want to live forever but we know that we won’t. We want to make a difference but we fear that we don’t.

And so we read yet another book with its promises of the answer, feeling like if we only consumed this book we’d finally unlock whatever it is we feel is missing in our lives.

Read this book to learn how to get God to answer your prayers.

Watch this video and learn how to battle the spiritual forces that are stopping you from living everything beautiful that God has planned for you.

Master the process in three, four or five easy steps such that you can finally be everything God created you to be.

It is exhausting!

And quite honestly? I am exhausted!

If only for this minute because I have the gift of irrepressible optimism so I know it won’t last long.

In these moments though, I catch a glimpse of the traps set for us. I see the hurdles we believe we must learn to leap over.

What if there were no hurdles? No hoops to jump through, no process to learn to get right?

What if we had the freedom to simply be, in this moment and the next. What if the only things to explore were the blocks between you and that intimate relationship with Papa, Jesus and Sam?

And what if those blocks weren’t about things you’ve done wrong – the enemy loves to whisper condemnation but it was really never about that!

Instead, this is about dismantling false pictures, stories that have been mis-told. And no, you’re not responsible for the messages you grew up hearing and that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them.

What if we had the freedom to step into each new day and simply be? Simply be in relationship – with our loving, beautiful Creator, and with the people we do life?

What if that was enough?

And yes, as we explore this current adventure there will be terrain that sometimes feels tricky. We’ll look for a guide book, a resource to help us travel, to understand ourselves and others better so we love more fully and allow others in.

But what if that search for the resource started with the Ultimate Librarian, the Author of it all?

What if each and every turn started first with a check in? Asking Papa what His heart is? Hearing how He sees this next step?

And then if there are things to learn – or even unlearn – that need external inputs, trusting God’s voice and allowing Him to be the Curator of those resources.

How freeing might that be?

The whisper I hear is that’s what Jesus was inviting us into with his promise of a light & easy yoke. It was never about heaping more stuff on our already over-full to-do lists.

This really is all about relationship – intentional, expectant – and it really is where we need to start. Which is where Youier comes in. If you’ve not already read the little book Holy Spirit & I wrote, click here to get your free copy.

And if you’re ready to really walk this out, come and join us in the Itchy Soul Playground.