What if simply showing up, all in, was ninety per cent of the battle?

Having played with daily ‘morning pages’ for two weeks now (long enough to make it a thing but not quite long enough for it to be a habit yet!) I got to thinking about what I’ve learned so far from the process.

It’s not that I’m doubting the method, but I guess you could say I’m keen to see if I’m getting anything out of it. After all, it might be only 500ish words but those words all add up. If I’m going to ‘invest’ them in this process, I’m keen to know there’s value in doing so.

Guess what though? I was forced to come to the conclusion that it has been (and will therefore continue to be) totally worth it!

Not only have I come up with loads of random ideas for these daily emails, writing random anythings that come to mind have also resulted in the title for a new non-fiction book series, helped me figure out the answers to things I didn’t even realise were bugging me, plus helped make my day to day routine feel calmer.

By simply showing up and playing with words, with no real sense of expectation or pressure to create, magic can happen.

Maybe you’ve had this happen to you … You start the day with the barest bones of a plan but, simply by showing up, you have a wonderful day. And sure, it might not always be the magic you’d have expected if someone had asked you to predict how the day would go, but magic all the same. Exciting!

What if this is a case of art imitating life? What if, by simply showing up, all in, real and honest, with a sense of playfulness but no concrete expectations or pressure, we allow delight and wonder into our day to day life?

Show up, the real honest to goodness you, and watch the magic happen. You in? ?

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