What if the game really is won or lost in your head?

If you’re sat there thinking, “Well duh! Of course the game’s all in our heads” then you’re about where I was about two hours ago. But there’s a difference between knowing something, logically, and it actually impacting us at a deeper level. Sometimes the distance between heart and head is huge!

Bit of context: I watched a video this morning of a group of people jumping (or trying to jump!) off a ten metre diving tower. At a little over fifteen minutes, it was longer than your standard YouTube offering but uttering compelling.

One of my favourite bits was when one lady decided she couldn’t do it and started climbing back down the tower, only to change her mind and jump.

Then there was the friend who climbed back up the tower after jumping to encourage his friend who was struggling. You need to watch it for yourself really (yes, that’s the link to click to do so!) but there was something fascinating about how quickly the scared friend started resenting the one who had already jumped.

It was like watching little snippets of human nature play out in front of your eyes.

But it reminded me that this game really is won or lost in our heads.

What if you didn’t doubt yourself? What if you knew that that thing you’re considering jumping into couldn’t fail? What if it wasn’t too late or you weren’t too old or too, whatever excuse your brain keeps whispering to try and keep you safe?

What might that look like?

Know someone who needs to hear this?