What if there was no right or wrong way?

The last few days have been a little bit mental. I’ve been writing my Morning Pages, keen to stick to the process, but unlike the first three weeks, it’s not really flowed. Some mornings the words falling from my fingers have felt little better than flotsam, but even the junk has its uses and so I pressed on.

I use an app for my morning pages (I know, I know, Julia Cameron says you should write by hand. More on that tomorrow.) and at the top of every new entry there’s a little snippet of text, a piece of encouragement for the day. A couple of days ago this little note reminded me ‘there’s no right or wrong way to write morning pages’ and, given how stiff it’s been feeling, I jumped all over that reminder. It was perfect!

Sometimes it’s simply about showing up and trusting the process. Doing the very best we can, without judgement or self-editing. But this isn’t only true for writing.

How many times have you held back or waited, because you were afraid you couldn’t do it ‘right’? Maybe you weren’t feeling totally at the top of your game so you put it off until you were feeling in a better place?

What if, instead, you did it anyway? Showed up to the very best of your ability, from a place of honesty? How much more freeing might that feel? Knowing that you didn’t have to worry about what ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ looked like?

I’m sure it wouldn’t work for every situation (if you’re a heart surgeon or the chief engineer for NASA, I imagine getting it right is pretty important!) but for the rest of us, what if we cut ourselves some slack and simply showed up?

Just something to consider over your coffee. ☕️

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