What if today was your last?

Waking up to yet another atrocity in London overnight, it’s hard not to find yourself silently despairing. Fear and hate has been given the spotlight, yet again.

Where’s the love? The patience? The kindness?

And this comes at a time when people are still searching for the people they love, feared lost in the tower block fire. As I looked at the smiling faces of some of these people this morning, some in family groups and others just a single photo, I was reminded, yet again, just how precious and fleeting life is.

Tragic, pointless loss of life. None of them woke up that morning expecting it to be their last. Very few of us do.

We make plans, set expectations, maybe procrastinate for a bit, but ultimately we expect to be around long enough to make good on the stuff we said we would. Or maybe we drift along for a time, letting life happen to us. Unconscious. Going with the flow.

What would you do today if you knew it would be your last? Who would you make sure to love on that extra bit more? What would you not do?

There’s a fine balance at play here because, given that all of expect to around next week, next month, next year, we can’t actually live all of today like it’s our last.

If today really was my last day on this planet you can be sure I wouldn’t spend it working. I’d almost certainly still write this blog post (although it would probably be painfully long as I tried to squeeze the next forty years of thoughts into a few hundred words!) but all the tedious little things that actually pay the bills? No chance!

Instead, much like you I imagine, today would be about the people I love.

I’d also be sure to eat a huge piece of the yummiest, most gluten-heavy, sugar-laced cake I could get my hands on, safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences! ?  Oh and cheesecake. There would have to be cheesecake.

But I’d want to enjoy all of it with my children, my husband, my mum and dad and brothers and sisters. Get everyone together and have a giggle. Wear my favourite perfume. Enjoy good coffee followed by passionfruit cider on lots of ice. Play board games. Make lots of memories. Laugh. And love.

And those are the things we absolutely can bring into every single day, regardless of how many days we have left.

Life is precious and none of us knows how many days we have left to love on the people we care about most. The only solution is to love on them, every single day. Delight in the silly stuff, relish the ridiculous. Love bigly, and laugh.

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