What if we had a God who was interested in the tiny stuff?

I can guess what you might be thinking … “we do!”

Or if today you’re feeling a little bit meh about it all, it might be more of a “yeah right” kind of thought.

Maybe it’s just me but I can know stuff logically, academically, in my head, but some days I just don’t feel it.

Some days, God feels really far away and sure, I remember the trite expression reeled off at church: “if God feels far away, who’s moved?” and that maybe sometimes helps, a little bit.

But some days I really just need a big, bold ‘in your face’ reminder.

Cloud porn often does it for me. The way the sun and the clouds play and turn the whole sky orangey pink? I imagine God up there with a great big paint brush, making everything beautiful, just for me.

That sounds terribly narcissistic doesn’t it?

I don’t mean it to. I just want to believe in a God who knows and loves me individually, just as I am. And who knows and loves you, just as you are.

Does he really have the capacity or desire to be actively interested in the little stuff?

There’s so much big stuff happening in the world, surely his efforts would be better served focussing on them?

World hunger. Poverty. Sex trafficking. Abuse. Cancer. Tragic accidents.

There’s so much awful stuff happening, it’s really easy to wonder how it is even possible to entertain the idea that God can really be interested in the little things in my fairly ordinary life, seeing as he hasn’t stepped in and made the bad stuff better.

I don’t have the answer to that.

I mean sure, I can pretend if you like, spout the same old line about living in a fallen world of sin and evil.

But I don’t think that does us any favours.

Instead, how about we keep our eyes open for those little reminders?

The love notes dotted across the universe? The silly stuff that makes us smile. A giggling child. An extra hug.

What if all of that stuff was a note from God, reminding you how much he loves you?

That stuff is there, whether we see it or not. Sometimes it just needs us to keep our eyes open. Expectant. Anticipating.

What might your today look like if you stepped into it, ready to see that love note?

How might your interactions with other people in your day be different? (Because yes, you can be the bearer of someone elses love note.)

It’s time to slow down just a little, pull back your shoulders and step into this brand new day.

Are you ready? Go! 😀