What if what you expected was actually what happened?

A funny thing happened on Friday …

After taking most of Thursday off to help my husband celebrate his birthday, I broke with my usual Friday tradition of lots of fun and very little work and instead, wrote a (fairly optimistic) list of all the things I would get done.

It wasn’t one of those insane lists that you actually have zero intention of ever seeing the bottom of and I didn’t keep adding to it or deviating from it.

But all that said, it was a challenging list.

A challenge that I fully expected I would rise to. I believed it was all easily within my grasp (so long as I didn’t allow myself to get distracted!) and totally doable.

And the funny thing that happened?

I proved myself right!

What I expected had totally come true. Not just a little bit: totally. Down to the letter.

And that’s when this thought popped in my head and I wrote the word ‘expecting’ on my white board as a reminder for this week.

What if every day we expected specific things?

What if every day we didn’t just hope or cross our fingers but actually believed and claimed it as already ours?

The word ‘hope’ is used a lot in the bible. We talk about hope when we actually mean ‘maybe’ or think it comes down to luck or good fortune.

Biblical hope though is different.

Biblical hope is about expectation. Belief. Stepping forward. Claiming it.

What would your today look like if you stepped into it with a sense of expectation?

And do you know what you’d like to be expectant about? That piece is super important because, as the Cheshire Cat said to Alice:

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to end up just anywhere! So our challenge for today is to decide where we’d like to be headed:

Maybe God has put a burning passion in your heart and that’s the thing you wanted to be moving toward?

Then step forward, one foot in front of the other, expecting that that thing you’re after, God has already written the script.

And as ever, remember, you’re not in this alone.