What if you didn’t ignore the nudges?

Have you ever had that thing where someone pops in your head randomly and, when you reach out to them, it ends up being the most perfect timing ever?

Or maybe sometimes you feel compelled to do something (and no, I’m not talking about eating three kitkats!) and when you follow your instincts, it’s perfect? Or maybe you follow your instincts and never find out if or how it makes a difference, but somehow you just sort of know it was important?

What if you didn’t ignore those nudges? What if those niggles were part of a bigger picture (one that you might never see all the pieces of) and, by acting on them, you’re helping to create something delightfully wonderful in the world? (Or terribly awful I suppose, but let’s dwell on the positive eh!)

Chaos theory, or the butterfly effect, where a butterfly flapping its wings in China causes a tornado in the Caribbean, would tend to agree. (And yes, I feel compelled to acknowledge that I’m oversimplifying a massive mathematical concept in that one sentence.)

With so many pieces of information battling to get your attention, you can’t possibly notice or act on everything. You will miss pieces and you know what? That’s okay.

But when something gets through the filter, when you feel that nudge to act, I’m here today to remind that by doing so, you’re helping us make magic! (And on behalf of the world, I thank you in advance! ? )

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