What if you said yes? (But only for one day!)

Good morning lovely and welcome to a brand new day 🙂

So I have a post on half which I’ve been struggling with, a lot, all about the power of saying no. That might get finished, one day, but here’s where I’m at ….

Saying “no” to some things is really important, there’s one category of stuff in particular that I personally am massively opposed to (we’ll dig into that one on Thursday) but I also love the freedom to say “yes!”

Saying “yes” when my youngest daughter asks if she can bake a cake on a Sunday afternoon.

Saying “yes” when my husband proposes a day of fun.

Saying “yes” when my boy wants an extra hug.

Those are all super easy things to say “yes” to (even if I’m the one left cleaning up the mess when my daughter is done!)

And so this thought popped in my head …

What if, for just one day, we played with saying “yes” to anything and everything that is asked of us?

(I’ll give you a pass on anything illegal or life-threatening but really, when was the last time something like was asked of you anyway?!?)

Leaving room in your day to day for those unexpected yeses makes space for magic, potentially at least.

It might not lead to anything wonderful or unexpected. You might find your day carries on, just like normal. But you won’t know unless you try. And so that, my love, is your challenge for today, if you choose to accept it! 😉

Because sure, saying no is powerful, but saying yes is magic!

Are you ready to play? Great! I can’t wait to hear what happens 🙂

P.S. One word of warning: It’s probably best not to tell anyone that you’re playing this game. You wouldn’t want them taking advantage of it! 😉