What if you were that spider?

For the last three days, every morning when we’ve gone out to the car to go to school, we’ve found spiders with webs attached to the car.

Dodge the web is now a daily game and this morning my youngest daughter lost and got webbing up her nose!

Walking up the path after dropping them off I noticed one web with a proud little spider sat right in the middle. Rain was glistening off the edges. It was beautiful.

I got to thinking though about us though.

We’ve been talking a little bit about productivity recently¬†and the ‘choose just one thing and do that first’ idea seems to be working really well.

But what if you were a spider and your ‘do one thing’ thing was building your web so you could catch other insects and thereby feed yourself and your family?

And what if, every morning, an hour or so after daylight, giant creatures came blundering into your day, destroying everything you’d so carefully crafted? They might do in gently but still, you’d look around you and see your handiwork lying in tatters. What then?

Would you throw your (eight) arms up in despair and decide that it’s no use, you might as well give up on the web-building business?

Maybe find a new bush to live in and start planning how you can move into honey-making instead? Those bees. They have it so easy. Maybe that’s the role for you?

You and I might but the spiders who live in the plants next to my car? Nope. They seem to prefer to just start again.

And again.

And again.

They know that they are spiders and that’s who they be. Every day.

Who are you? And who will you show up as today? There can only be one you and that’s the person this world needs right now.

So don’t give up. Keep on keeping on. Be you.