What to do when you’re tempted to do that thing where you disappear …

Please, tell me it’s not just me?!? Pretty please?

You know that thing where stuff happens and you don’t know what all the pieces look like and so you just run away and hide while you figure stuff out?

And then, by the time you get it figured out it’s two weeks (or two years!) later and you still have all these loose ends and not all the pieces are in place yet so you feel stuck?

Or maybe that’s just me?

We do it in business. We do it in life. It’s like we think we need to know all the answers before we can take decisive action.

But you know what? That’s total rubbish!

I’m yet to find one example of a successful person (however you choose to define success) who got where they did by waiting until they had all the pieces in place.

And I can’t find any examples in the bible either for that matter. Joseph got chucked in a hole and left for dead by his brothers before being sold into slavery. Not exactly an auspicious start.

Paul (or Saul as he was known at the time) was chief ringleader in a campaign to round up and kill Christians.

And one of my absolute favourites, David, God called him a man after his own heart even though he slept with another man’s wife and then got the poor guy bumped off because she was pregnant!

God doesn’t need you to have all the pieces in place and know all the answers and your business doesn’t either.

So here’s what I’d love to propose as an antidote to the temptation to run and hide …

Choose one thing, any one thing, it doesn’t really matter what thing you pick, that will help you move forward in whatever area of your life you’re currently tempted to run away from.

Take that thing (be sure to pick something small and easy to do) and do it. Right now if you can.

If you’re hiding from God because you’re don’t know where you’re at with him right now, your one thing might just be saying hello.

If you’re hiding from the wonderful people who raised their hands and said “Yes please, we’d love to hear from you each day!” because you haven’t emailed them in nearly two weeks, your one thing might be to write to them.

If you’re hiding from having that conversation with your spouse because you just know it’s not going to be fun, your one thing might be to speak up and ask for the conversation.

Whatever ‘it’ looks like for you, deep down you know that disappearing isn’t really the answer.

So go on, choose one thing, be brave and just do it anyway. It might not be pretty but you’ll be glad you did. And who knows where that one thing might take you.