What would you do if free of expectations or commitments?

It might feel like a stupid question. After all, none of us is completely free of commitments.  We all have things that clamour for our attention, probably multiple times per day!

But what if you didn’t? Play pretend for a moment. Imagine you were given a free week. Not necessarily a holiday because that comes with a different set of expectations, but a week where you could play with anything you wanted to.

What would you do? Who would you spend time with? What might you create?

Now here’s the thing … as much as yes, you have commitments, if you wanted to, you could probably find a way to get rid of some of them. Delegate or just delete. Postpone for a time, or do it once more but then no more. How you make it happens will depend upon the thing in question and just how much you really don’t want to do it any more.

And it might not even be something you want to stop forever. Pausing for a time is totally valid too.

Today is my children’s last day in school for the summer so this is the last email I’ll send you until September. I’m not stopping because I don’t enjoy writing to you – I love it! I’m pausing because I have three manuscripts I’m itching to finish plus lots of family fun to undertake. Pausing the daily emails for a few weeks will make space for the latter without compromising the former.

You can do anything – but you can’t do everything.

Which leads me back to my initial question to you. What are you itching to create more of? What adventures are calling you? Where would you like to go today?

Having identified what those things are, all you need to do then is find a way to delegate, ditch or postpone some of your commitments. Easy. (And I can’t wait to hear what you get up to!)

Know someone who needs an adventure?