What’s at your root?

Ten days or so ago, as we found ourselves at the very beginning of a spell of delightfully warm weather (although yes, being Brits you can be assured that it didn’t take long for us to start moaning that it was too hot!) I took it upon myself to tidy the garden.

Impetuous as I am, I knew the novelty would soon wear off so I threw myself into the task with wild abandon. After attacking some brambles, I turned my attention to the ivy that was threatening to take over the path and garage.

When I cleared the path it was like pulling up a little carpet of roots. Very cool, thought I, and then I went on with my day and thought nothing more of it.

Until today.

Because today the sun is (sort of!) out again and, having ventured back outside, I just noticed what’s happened to the ivy on the garage now that it’s carpet of roots is no more.

If your fingers are even just a little greener than mine you’ll already know of course … without the roots, the rest of the plant is struggling. I’d feel guilty if it wasn’t for the fact that this thing has grown so much, it’s now threatening to take over the inside of the garage¬†too!

But looking at the now wilting ivy, it got me to thinking about us. You know when things get really crazy and you find yourself stretched? Maybe you say ‘yes’ to things that aren’t in your best interests and put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own?

Without that connection to the very core of what it means to be you, it can be all too easy to find yourself feeling just as shrivelled and dried out as the ivy on my garage. (Metaphorically speaking of course! ? )

It all starts with actually knowing yourself (a a whole other story for another day!) but in case today finds you flagging, take this as your reminder to take a look at your root. ?

Know someone who needs this?