What’s your absolute favourite way? Try that.

Happy Labour Day! OK, so we don’t celebrate it here in the UK but it’s just 2 days until the children start back so there’s still something of a holiday feel in the air.

And you’re probably busy having a bbq with friends and family so I’m keeping this short but I couldn’t help thinking about something I said in that email about last week’s party …

Sharing with you in group calls is my absolute favourite way to play. I adore it!

And so today, as you spend your day with family and friends, having fun, laughing, enjoying the end of summer, I challenge you to consider which parts of the fun of summer you can bring forward into the new school year.

What is your absolute favourite thing? Or way of doing something?

Can you bring more of that into your day to day life, even after the holiday period is over?

It might take some imagination on your part but personally, I believe the best way to build a business you love is to do as much of the stuff that makes you smile as is humanly possible.

Find your absolute favourite way. And do that.