When you feel like walking away or giving up …

Today’s episode of the podcast is especially for those times in life when it all feels too hard, too much, too painful, and you’re ready to walk away or give up.
Your feelings are valid, things happen and they can be incredibly painful, and sometimes those feelings of “too” something can be part of a niggle or a nudge from God that something needs to change.
Just to complicate matters though, those same feelings, totally valid and understandable feelings, can be jumped on and manipulated by enemy forces with the purpose of isolating you.
So what are we meant to do about it?!? How do we navigate those painful times in life in a way that keeps us moving with God? And if the enemy’s play is to “kill, steal and destroy” how are we meant that we’re being manipulated?
That’s what we’re exploring today and it comes with the reminder that you are a child of the King! And if you’re ready to explore what it looks like to step into your identity, consider this your reminder to join us for Youier By Design on August 11th. Youier.com/ybd

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