PSA: You choose!

The key here is YOU get to choose.

Want a real-life example of what this might look like? Read on …

It’s parent’s evening tonight and one of my delightful offspring (who shall remain nameless! 😉) started to talk about what I could and couldn’t wear.⁣

Multi-coloured poncho? Out!⁣
Snowball jumper? Nope!⁣
“Arty-farty” floaty top? “If you must!”⁣
Christmas jumper which I’ve cleverly renamed a “Winter” jumper so I can keep wearing it until Spring? No!⁣

Now here’s the thing … as easy as I find it to embarrass my three, I don’t do it on purpose. (Stop laughing, I really don’t!)⁣

But I also refuse to be anyone other than me so I got dressed this morning in another of my favourite jumpers, a lovely purple number with tiny little rainbows on that I had from my mum & dad for Christmas.⁣

I love it, I still get to be me, and I don’t embarrass anyone. (Well, not with my outfit choice at least. It remains to be seen what impact I make simply by my very existence! 😉⁣)

But I chose and as a result, I don’t feel squashed or made to play small and sure, that might seem like a mere semantics trick but I dare you to try it yourself and see how it fits you. ⁣

And if you need helping being you, that’s what the Itchy Soul Playground was made for! Click here to find out more and “pay what you can” to join us. (Yes really. More on that here.)