Be you, with me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Stop comparing yourself to other people, especially people who appear to be transparent about their lives but who you don’t really know. Yes, I’m talking about people on the internet and yes, this is the God of creation talking about the internet. I knew this day would come, remember? Don’t be surprised then that I have something to say about the age you’re currently living in.

You live in an age where it’s never been easier to connect with people from all over the world, and yet acute loneliness has never been more rampant. Despite appearances to the contrary, you only see a filtered part of someone else’s life. You never see what’s really going on, no matter how authentic and open someone claims to be.

Would you read a superhero story and expect to be able to perform the same feats of bravery and daring? Okay, you might hope to, but you also know that this is a fantasy, a wish based on how fun you think it would be to be able to see through walls or turn yourself invisible. It’s not based on any kind of reality because you’re know it’s fiction.

It’s time to apply that same logic to the “fiction” you see online because that’s what other people’s lives really are when you’re standing on the outside trying to look in. Fiction, a work of art, fantasy. Stop comparing your real life, quirks and foibles and eccentricities, to someone else’s fantasy life. You’re setting yourself up to fail and I don’t want that for you!

You are you, fearfully and wonderfully made, and I did not make an accident when I created you with your exact complement of gifts and talents. Instead of comparing yourself to other people, compare yourself with yourself. Ask me how I see you and how you can best step into the fullest expression of everything you are to me. Be you, with me. That’s all I ever ask of you.

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