Thank you so much for your interest in being a guest on Lead By Design. We’re booked through to the end of season 1 in May. We’ll be taking a break over the summer with season 2 resuming in September and I would LOVE to have you join us!

If you’re human, you are a leader and it’s time to embrace the fullest expression of who you are, the reason God dreamed you into existence, so you can serve the gift that is you to the world.

Lead By Design is here to explore this widest definition of leadership through conversations with other leaders (humans). Who are they? What was the journey like as they embraced their purpose, their original design? Bringing you inspiring stories from around the world to encourage and equip you to keep on, keeping on in your leadership journey.

Leading well for God’s glory and the expansion of the Kingdom, on earth as it is on heaven.

Want to join us? Brilliant! Read on to find out more about how it’s going to play out …

Throughout 2023, our focus inside The Blue House is leadership – helping us be the leaders God created us to be in intentional, expectant, relationship with Him. That’s why I’m excited to offer Thursdays as an unadvertised perk of membership …

The podcast is recorded in The Blue House Zoom room with members of The Blue House joining us as part of the “live studio audience”. The podcast portion will be about 20 – 30 minutes with about 30 minutes then available for Q+A with Blue House members. (What I like to think of as the “after party”! 😁)

The podcast portion will be available on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all the regular podcasting channels including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The after party is recorded with the video available inside The Blue House for members who couldn’t join us live.

Ideally we meet on Thursdays at 1pm UK / 8am ET to record the podcast. As such, you’ll only see Thursday available as an option on the calendar. However, I recognise that this might be very early or very late (depending on where you are in the world) so I’m of course flexible. Just drop me an email – el(at)youier(dot)com and we’ll manually schedule a time that works better for you.

And, if you have any questions ahead of choosing a Thursday that works for you, please drop me an email using the same address.

All of that said, here’s where you can choose a Thursday to join us and record your episode: