A happy coincidence?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do you really think that the way everything comes together is an accident? You sometimes call it a “happy coincidence” but that’s not accurate at all. Happy, yes but a coincidence? Never! I am moving and acting and working in all things. When you make plans with me, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you’re planning with the one who knows the end from the beginning. Nothing catches me by surprise.

Don’t misunderstand me … whilst I know all things and can see all things, I don’t will all things. I am in charge yes but I do not control all things. There are things that happen in this world that break my heart even more than they break yours.

This is important because whilst I move in all things for your good and the good of all who love me, I don’t need tragedy or horror. Those things are not of me. They are a bi-product of the world you live in and yes, one day those things shall cease.

And I don’t say that lightly. I recognise that there are horrors in history and even in today that you cannot get your head around. You can’t understand why I wouldn’t act or step in. What you don’t see though is the hundreds of ways I have acted and do act and am acting. You see only from your limited perspective and that’s why I simply need you to trust me. Trust me and know that there is a bigger picture in motion, one that results in every knee bowing to King Jesus!

Until then though, move with me. Enjoy those moments when you have the opportunity to see me at work in incredible ways. And take advantage of those moments by asking me to show you how you can partner with me in those God-incidences because I love it when you navigate your day with me. Nothing makes me smile more. Yes, you make me smile.

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