A natural consequence of remaining

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

One of the beautiful benefits of flowing with me through day to day life is I can and will grow in you to produce fruit. Fruit that will last. Fruit that you don’t have to strive for. Fruit that is a natural consequence of your life in me.

I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit. It’s a promise. I cannot lie so you can take me at my word and if you remain in me, expect fruit! Yes, all sorts of different fruit. I am incredibly creative and I love to give you good gifts. Don’t put a limit on the fruit that will show up in your life when you remain in me.

For today though, the fruit I want to grow in you is patience. Don’t roll your eyes. Yes, I see you and yes, I’m smiling too. Everything is for your good, remember, and you don’t need to strive for anything, even patience. You simply need to keep doing what you’re doing, putting one foot in front of the other with me. As you do, you will grow in patience. It is a natural consequence of remaining in me.

You think you don’t like patience but it is a beautiful gift. Patience helps you show up with love when it seems like the people around you aren’t making any progress at all. You’re not the one to measure progress of course, outcomes are on me, but allowing the fruit of patience to ripen is delightful.

Patience allows you to embrace the joy in each moment instead of pushing to rush to what’s next. You miss so much glory, awe and wonder in a day when you run at full speed. Be patient. Slow down. See the delightful right under your nose!

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