A season of opportunities

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You don’t always see how I’m moving but you can trust that I am. In the same way that you sometimes hear the wind howling through the trees but other times you’re largely unaware of it, so too do you sometimes have the opportunity to experience how I’m moving. Other times, you simply need to trust that I’m moving, even when you can’t see the evidence of my activity.

But know this … regardless of your ability to track what I’m doing, I am moving. I am alive and active and incredibly proactive in my pursuit of humanity.

It’s very easy for you to fall into the trap of believing that life simply meanders along, same old, same old but this is simply not true. You’re in a new era, a new epoch. Look around you in the natural world. Things feel different, even if those differences are not always welcome.

Instead of fighting against the current reality, wishing that things would go back to how they were before, what if you asked me to show you today from my perspective? What if you believed that I can help you thrive in this current season – because I can! 

Yes, I am more than able to help you thrive. It would be my joy and delight to do so. You simply need to lean in closer, hear my heart, allow us to navigate this season together. And as you do so, know that this is not simply for you and your household.

This season holds incredible opportunities. Opportunities for my children to meet me and know me in ways that they’ve never known me before. And I am preparing to welcome in the prodigals, the ones you believed were lost to me. They were never lost, I knew exactly where they were and it’s time for them to come home. That’s the power of this current reality. Let me help you embrace it, welcome it, with me.

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