Abide in me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The filter through which you view life, the world, even me, changes what you will see and hear. If you believe that I am love (and I am!) you can face challenges, contradictions and uncertainty with confidence. Confidence in who I am to you. Confidence that, even though you don’t understand everything going on, I am love and I will not let you down. Confidence that you can bring all things to me and explore them with a Dad who loves you.

If you believe that the world must get worse and worse and then the end will come with Jesus’s return, you’ll see the difficult things happening around you and simply accept them as a part of what is meant to be. Why work with me to spread love if it’s all destined to disaster?

But what if worse and worse is not “meant to be”? What if I’m instead calling you to bring a message of hope, to be the architect of Kingdom solutions? I know this is challenging to you because the culture around you is saturated with messages of doom but since when did I invite you to listen to culture?

Fix your eyes on Jesus! Allow me to expose faulty filters so you can know me more fully and embrace everything I’m doing in you and around you. My Kingdom is a Kingdom that will never end. I choose to co-labour with you and part of the work is helping to expand my Kingdom to its fullest expression. You can’t do that if you’re being tossed and turned by the waves of life.

Fix your eyes on what I’m doing, how I’m moving, how my love is expanding. My perfect love drives out all fear, even fear of war, recession and crisis on the global stage. Look to love. Let me help you live each day moving in love with me. That’s how you shift your filter and open all your senses to everything I’m doing. Abide in love.

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