All for your good

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There really is a season for everything and whilst you don’t always see or understand the season you’re in, when you move with me you don’t need to worry. When you move with me, allowing me and my pace to lead and guide you, you don’t need to have read the right book or watched the correct training video. Yes, these things have value. I have given much wisdom to my children and I love that you can learn and grow together – but not at the expense of us doing life together.

You could read all the books in the world, gain every piece of latest insight from the world’s best thinkers, but if you were to try and apply everything you learn separate from me, what do you think would happen? You might have some level of satisfaction for a time but I know you. I knit you together in your mother’s womb. I know what’s best for you and how to guide you into that best.

Operate with me, move with me, hear my whispers to your heart and ask me to help you take action on what you hear. As you do so, our relationship will grow and you’ll see more and more that I really do know exactly what I’m doing.

I still have the ability to surprise and delight you. When you see me moving or you follow a nudge and it has a positive result, that makes you smile. You’ve not seen the half of it yet! I love to see you smile and whilst not everything is done with that end goal in mind, I am in everything, moving all things to your good.

The more you trust me, the more you hand me the outcome and simply allow us to move through the day together, the more you can expect to see me moving for you. All within the context of the season you’re in, you will sometimes need to let me help you practice patience, but all for your good.

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