Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do you trust that I really am working in all things for your good? “All things” and not just the easy pieces or the areas where you can see me moving? Do you trust that I am working in the mess and the tears and the frustration and the waiting? Because yes, I am. Always.

I’m never trying to trick you or catch you out. I am for you, always, not against you. And any whisper to the contrary is a lie to be rejected immediately. Here’s what I’m inviting you to do when fear or doubt threatens you … bring it to me. Bring all things to me. Yes, I’m reminding you again because you still have some things you believe are yours to handle on your own.

What if you explored all things with me, asked me what I’m saying right now about those things that trouble you? Ask me to show you which part is yours to pick up. I have so many plans and promises to explore with you, so many things I’m inviting you to trust me on – and you have a part to play too.

That’s what it means to walk out what you hear. Receive a word yes and thank me for it, and then ask me what your next step is because I want to partner with you. You’re not a mindless machine or a puppet. You are my friend and I love sharing and exploring these things with you, building our relationship and impacting the wider world together.

Never forget the difference you make. You don’t see it all yet but there is a plan and a purpose for your life. Nothing is accidental and I am moving in everything, all things, for your good. Of that you can be certain, always!

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