An invitation to play

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I know you can’t always see the evidence but I am turning all things to good. Keeping walking this out with me, hand in hand with me, and you’re going to have a front row view of this world getting better and better.

And yes, I know that things don’t always look “better and better” because you’re viewing life from such a limited perspective but you can trust me. From within the context of the whole of human history, there has never been a better time to be alive!

Seriously, yes, even with everything that’s happened as a result of the pandemic. I know it caught you and the whole world by surprise but do you suppose that it caught me by surprise? Of course not, so why wouldn’t I be able to not only turn that to good, but also in advance plan a way to make things better within the wider context of humanity?

What if there are things happening behind the scenes that you can’t even begin to imagine? And no, that of course doesn’t negate the hard stuff. I never promised you a life free of hurt and illness and distress. That will come but we’re not there yet.

Instead, I’m asking you to lift up your head, your eyes, and allow me to show you the beauty in today. This moment is glorious. Even those days when it feels like “beauty from ashes”, there is wonder in this moment and I am here, aching to show you everything that there is to be discovered in this moment.

Step into this moment with me. And when it feels hard, talk to me about that too. I want to do all of life with you. I am closer than the air that you breathe, have always been here, lavishing you with my love. I am turning all things to good and I’m inviting you to play in that with me!