Are we there yet?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Believe me, take me at my word, and act on what you hear. That’s faith. Childlike wonder and delight hears what Dad has said and assumes it will be so, simply because Dad said it.

And like a child who asks, “are we there yet?”, there’s nothing wrong with talking about the journey. I never expect you to blindly follow commands. You’re not a machine! I love talking with you, exploring life with you so yes, talk to me about where we’re headed.

But when a child asks, “are we there yet?”, she doesn’t doubt. She might not be there yet but she asks because she expects to arrive at some point. What are you expecting of me?

Can you take me at my word, assume there is a destination and that if I have said it, it will be so? And how much of the journey do you need to see in front of you before you can take me at my word? How much of this great big adventure are you ready to embrace? Can you take it one step at a time?

Yes, you need to know what the step is , you need to hear me, and it’s impossible to take me at my word if you don’t know what I’m saying. What if you simply asked me?

Yes, ask me! And read my words, yes. As you read, ask me which promises are specific to where you are right now. Ask me, expecting an answer. And allow me to whisper into your heart. I have many ways of communicating with you, wooing you with my love. There’s no need to limit me by trying to put me in a box.

Ask, expecting an answer, hear me and believe – and then act! That’s why the expression is “exercising faith”. There’s always an action. James would call that action “works”. Call it whatever you like. Just understand that the invitation is to ask, hear, believe and then act.

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