Are you ready to let me lead?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Are you ready to let me lead? I am the perfect dance partner. I know what you need and can help you feel secure in my arms as we move together. I understand those areas that feel like weaknesses to you and I am never fazed by your uncertainty. 

At the same time, I want you to be so confident in my arms, confident in my ability, that you take bigger, bolder steps. Always from within the safety of our dance of course, I’m never asking you to go it alone.

Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re dancing solo. You’ll hear me ask you what you’d like, what you think. I love the creative mind I gave you! It sets you apart from the rest of my creation. No other being has the ability to think, to reason.

The sparrow cannot concern herself with “what if”. The ant works in community to build and store but it doesn’t have the capacity to dream. The daisy has no compulsion to consider new and creative ways to draw water to her roots.

You, however, have an incredible mind. Made in my image, you are brilliant! Don’t be surprised then that as we walk this out together I will sometimes ask you to share with me what’s on your mind. Why give you a mind if I’m not going to encourage you to use it? That’s nothing short of wasteful and I am not a wasteful God!

Those times I encourage you to use your mind are like breaking hold to move and express yourself, only to come back to my arms at the perfect moment. Keep your eyes fixed on me and you won’t go wrong!

Trust that I understand the nuances of our dance. Let me lead. Move with me, eyes fixed on me, and together we will dazzle!

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