As vital as oxygen!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The only independence you need is independence from doubt, fear and frustration. You were made to do life intimately with me. Needing me doesn’t make you weak anymore than you’re weak for needing oxygen. I am vital. Yes, as vital as oxygen!

The greatest lie ever told is that life apart from me is freedom. Adam and Eve believed the whisper that I was holding out on them, that there was something better to be found away from life with me. I gave them one instruction together with the consequences but they didn’t take me at my word. They thought that there had to be something more.

There are areas in your life where I’ve asked you to take me at my word. Don’t fall for the same lie as Adam and Eve. I’m not holding out on you! The consequences are different for you because of when you are within the context of my story but know this … my best for you is only found in taking me at my word.

Believe my promises to you. If I said it, it will be so! I know I make it sound so simple but guess what? It is simple! Life with me was never meant to be complicated. Trust that I know what I’m doing. I know what you need and I will not let you down.

And never forget that I’m as practical as I am loving and kind. Ask me all your questions daily. Let me love you and lead you. Make space for this – stopping and exploring life with me. Yes, hearing my words through others is great but you can hear me.

You know my voice and there’s no reason why you must wait and get your answers from me via someone else. Let the words from others be the icing on an already rich, vibrant and fresh cake!

How do we keep the cake fresh? Keep coming to me. Spend time with me whilst recognising that I never go anywhere. I’m always with you so intentionally stepping into my presence then. Bring me all of your life and let me help you move moment by moment into my best.

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