Beauty in the mess

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

In my hands, even the messy areas of your life have untold beauty. You can’t always see it at first glance but I am making all things new, transforming all things to good. Ask me to open all your senses to the majesty in this moment. Allow me to transform your heart as I show you a new perspective.

And open your eyes to the physical examples of this in the natural world around you. Juicy blackberries growing on prickly brambles. Colours more vibrant than you could dream of on the flowers of weeds. Tiny birds nesting in the overgrown, untidy hedgerows. There is so much beauty around you right now in the natural world.

The things you can see are a whisper, a shadow, a mere hint of what’s going on in the spiritual world around you. The unseen realm is not far from you. Spiritual and physical are so close they touch. Stretch out your hand and recognise that as you do so, you are leaning into the unseen.

Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing. I am not far from you and neither is the unseen realm. You are protected in this moment. Protected and observed and cheered on and rejoiced over. That sense you sometimes get that you are walking on holy ground is accurate. I am right here with you in this moment and that makes this moment the most precious moment we have.

Yes, I am right here with you in the mess and the confusion. I’m never far from you. Where could I possibly go? Understand that there is so much more going on than you always see but also know this … I really am crafting beauty and wonder even from your pain. I craft delight from your laughter too of course, I don’t need your tears, but understand this: Not one tear is wasted. Every inch of you is precious to me!

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