Believe again

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I am inviting you to believe again. Lift up your head and have hope. Feel my hands lifting your hands as you move forward with the very next action. Nothing is impossible for me and I have not changed my mind. Yes, I am strengthening you today and I’m inviting you to relish and embrace the process.

Reject the lie that these are empty, repetitive words. No word of mine is wasted. Nothing returns to me void. Every word I have spoken shall come to pass at just the right time.

Timing is crucial. Yes, a baby born prematurely can be nurtured, given special care to help it thrive, but this is less than ideal and reserved for extreme circumstances. The same is true for you and my promises. Why invest time and energy on rescuing a premature promise when you could instead allow it to incubate and come to term?

And just like the mother carrying the child who feels a sense of restlessness as her time approaches, you feel the anticipation of new life, new adventures. They are almost ready to be brought into the world and you feel it but be patient. Believe in me and my perfect timing. Trust that I know what I’m doing.

And while you’re waiting, serve. Like the nesting mother preparing her home, so too can you move as I nudge you. Loving others, living life joyfully out loud, anticipating the next season but not allowing the anticipation to paralyse you. This is all service.

But even the elephant’s time must come. Nothing can remain in the womb indefinitely. Have hope. Your time is almost upon you and I am strengthening you, readying you, for what is to come next. Birth pangs? Discomfort?  Even pain? Yes – but only for a moment. And afterwards, at just the right time, the joy of new life!

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