Believing is seeing

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Open your eyes. Lift up your head. Look around you at this glorious new day. What do you see? Can you see me? Can you feel me? Do you simply know that I am with you in this moment? I want to share life with you in new ways today. Let me open all of your senses to experience life with me again, as if for the first time.

The journey we’ve been on has been incredible. It’s life together, abundant life, in a way that you never even dreamed was possible and now I’m inviting you to go deeper. Consider this your invitation to experience life with me in a way that you never have before!

And you don’t need to be afraid. This is what you were born for and, as such, is the most natural thing in the world. This is simply about new expressions of my love, new ways of hearing my heart, new understandings of what I’m saying.

I was never far from you. I’ve been here the whole time. You simply didn’t know that this kind of relationship was possible so you didn’t expect to hear me. Expectation is so important. Believing is seeing. Don’t be like Thomas, refusing to embrace all of me until you’ve seen evidence with your own eyes.

Instead, embrace the invitation right now, before you’ve seen anything. Say “yes” to new adventures, even before you’ve taken the first step. There is a new day ahead of us and it is full of wonder and delight. Believe me, even before you see the evidence and it will be credited to you as righteousness.

Taking me at my word and acting accordingly is the very best, most faith-fuelled, thing you can do right now. And when you don’t feel like you have enough faith? Ask me for more. I love you and I want to walk this out with you.

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