Boring is not in my vocabulary!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Put your feet on the ground and recognise in Whom you are rooted, grounded. I am the tree of life. In me you live and breathe and have your very being. I am ancient and ageless, a mystery I look forward to unpacking with you one day.

For today though, feel the ground beneath your feet. Take off your shoes and socks and wiggle your toes. Notice how your balance shifts from one foot to the other and choose instead to stand firm. Stand firm in me, in who I am to you – and who you are to me.

You are my precious one, my beloved, my child. There is nothing about you that catches me by surprise and yet you delight me every, single day. There is no moment in today that I am unaware of and yet I am moving with you in each moment, experiencing life with you in real time.

Why? For the sheer joy of doing life with you! See me with you. Allow me to infuse into every aspect of today, pouring my refreshing wisdom and joy into your life. You were not created for a life of mediocracy and when you do life with me, one moment in each day at a time, you will never again be bored. Boring is not in my vocabulary!

Yes, the adventure I’m inviting you into will sometimes look ordinary to the casual observer but you and I know the truth. You get to choose how to journey through this one precious life and when you journey with me, you are in for the trip of a lifetime!

Travel with me and allow me to transform how you see the world. Let me open all of your senses. Give me permission to shift your perspective. Lift up your head and let us embrace this new day together.

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