Breaking off fear

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Today I am breaking off fear. Specifically, fear of man. No, not men, humans. It’s time to be unapologetically unafraid of what other people think and instead, ask me what I think. Remembering that my thoughts towards you are always soaked in unconditional love for you. I say that to help you distinguish between my thoughts and lies from the enemy.

No longer are you to be intimidated by those who appear slicker or more fancy than you. Whilst there are always things to learn, areas to grow in, education is not the measuring stick in the Kingdom and it must no longer be yours either. Stop being impressed by labels and credentials! The only credential I’m interested in is love.

You don’t need to put on a show or an act. You don’t have to “fake it until you make it”. That’s the world’s way and it is not of me. Instead, embrace the journey we are on. Recognise that there are things you understand today that are different to what you will understand next week and that’s okay.

Be you, with me. Let me help you love like I do. And don’t judge by appearances because I don’t. There is so much more going on than what you can see. Move with me and let me help you understand someone’s heart. Ask me to show you my love in another person. Ask me to help you understand my heart for them. Ask me to show you how I see them.

When you love as I love, when you see another person through my eyes and understand their heart as I see it, then you can love deeply and be unapologetically unafraid. What can man do to you when you move with love? Love covers a multitude of sins so let me help you embrace the power of my love and step into this brand new day, free of fear once and for all!

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