Can you expect the very best from me?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if you expected only the very best from me? Yes, unfulfilled expectations have been a source of great disappointment to you in the past but we’re not living in yesterday. Today is a brand new day!

I am so much more than you realise. You see glimpses of my brilliance from time to time but you expect too little of me as a way to keep yourself safe. Life isn’t about safety. Life is about living and I want you to come alive in me!

As you come alive in me, it will be impossible for the world around you to miss. They’ll wonder what happened or how you’re thriving because the light shines ever more brightly in the darkness. Don’t be shy about sharing from Whom your joy comes. Introduce them to Jesus, I’ll give you the words.

Don’t waste time now considering what you’ll say or how you might ask someone if they’d like to know Jesus. I told you already … when words are needed, I’ll give you the words. This is not about walking people through a five step prayer or repeating words in the right order. This is about relationship. 

As you walk in relationship with me, expecting better and better from me and living from a place of certainty as my beloved child, others will be drawn to what you have. Relationship, not religion. That’s how my Kingdom is expanding. Relationship, it was always my heart’s desire but you like to control things, which is how relationship turned into the rules of religion but I’m taking it back!

And it starts with you. You walking in relationship with me. Rejecting religion and dogma. Refusing to argue about theology and instead embracing everything about relationship that I am offering you. As real as the relationship with your best friend, yes!

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