Can you partner with me to speak your world into order?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I hold each moving piece in the palm of my hand and I am loving you through all of it. Loving you, wooing you, and inviting you to dance. Take my hand and let me lead you. As you do so, all worry about needing to know the steps will slip away. Feel yourself safely in my arms and you can move with confidence.

Even those decisions that seem random and almost accidental have my fingerprints all over them because I am with you in each moment and I’ve gone ahead of you, into your future, to prepare the way. That’s how good I am!

Bring every piece, every person, every concern and every dream to me and let me breathe my life, the life of love, into everything. Explore each individual piece with me. Ask me to show you how these things appear from my perspective – and then take me at my word.

Take me at my word and start speaking my truth out loud. It’s time to reject any word that is contrary to my truth. You don’t have to agree with what you see and hear going on around you. Instead, me-helping you, rise up in my truth and speak life.

You are made in my image. I called the world into order using my voice and I’m inviting you to speak your world into order. Your world, your household, your community, your town, your workplace, your relationships. Partner with me in this. Let me teach you how to speak my truth, my perspective, my love into every area of your world.

We must leave no part of this world untouched by the power of my words released through you. Yes, you as an individual and you collectively as my church. You were created for community and I’m inviting you to rise up in community with power!

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