Come to me every time

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s a lie that it’s hard to hear from me. I’ve been speaking to you since before you were born. Even those times that seem difficult or different are simply an invitation to explore new ways of communicating with me.

I’m never far from you. I’m right there inside of you. You in me and me in you. You easily communicate with friends who are outside of you so why would you believe it’s difficult to hear me?

God on mute is a lie! I don’t step away to draw you closer. That’s simply how you might perceive it but where would I even go? If you go up to the top of the highest mountain, I’m right there with you. In the deepest pit of sorrow, still I am with you, holding you and wiping ever tear. East and west, neither is far enough to escape me. I go wherever you go. You are my temple. My temple has transport, it has legs!

So stop saying that it is hard to hear me and instead, declare the truth that I am always with you, always speaking to you. And yes, I understand that sometimes you simply try and avoid me because you’re afraid you won’t want to hear what I have to say.

What if what I have to say is the best news you could possibly hear today? What if you believed that I will always speak my best to you? Yes, I will invite you to grow and there are times when that means exploring some challenges but always with love and always from a position of my best.

The enemy lies when he suggests that it is risky to hear me. Success beyond all measure is found in the deep places with me and he knows that. Beat him at his own games and come to me every time. 

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