Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s time to watch your tongue, to guard it. Yes, you have a voice and yes I am calling you to use it and it’s important your words come from me. This won’t always be easy, especially when you’re in situations where you would previously have used the gift of speech to persuade or get your own way. It’s time to grow up into who I created you to be. Yes, you have the gift of speech and now I’m inviting you into a deeper level of maturity. 

Choose to speak life, love and encouragement where you might previously have reacted. Sometimes that will mean taking a breath and pausing to hear me more clearly before you open your mouth and speak. No, I know this doesn’t always come naturally to you but that’s simply because it’s become a habit and a part of your identity. 

I’m inviting you to step into the fullest expression of your identity in me. You told me you want to step into my best for you? As stretching as it feels, this is part of me taking you at your word and helping you step into my best. It will get easier with practice.

Hear me. Tune your ear to me. You do hear from me, I’ve proven that to you already, so now it’s time to take things to a whole new level and trust that I know what I’m doing as we move forward together.

Choose to allow your speech to be redeemed by me, saturated in my love, and watch as your relationships are transformed! Understand that I don’t use that word lightly. The more you grow into the fullest expression of your identity in me, the more the people you care about are going to see Jesus in you. That’s going to have consequences!

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