Different can be liberating!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What would today looked like if you explored every nudge with me, asked me for specifics and then ran with them? How would your daily life operate if you did everything actively with me? Using your mind of course, I created you with a mind for a reason, but using your mind with me. 

You’re in partnership with the maker of heaven and earth. You have access to everything that I have access to. What if you moved through today like you believed that to be true? This is about empowering you, not crippling you. It’s not that you can’t make decisions for yourself but rather than when you make decisions for yourself with me, you move into my best for you.

Remember those times when you asked me about a specific route to take and, when you heard, listened and moved as invited, you ended up having a brilliant adventure! What if every moment of every day was like that?

That might sound incredible to you but what if you simply experimented? Think of it as a game, an opportunity to do life with me in a fresh, new way. Explore with me with an open mind and prepare to be surprised and delighted! What’s the worst that could happen?

Even if you decide you don’t like moving through the day with me like that, if the adventures we have together are not to your taste and you decide you’d prefer to keep doing things the way you’ve always done, it’s given us another opportunity to do life together in a different way.

Different doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Different can be liberating, freeing! When you’re moving different to the way you’ve been told you should, that can only be a good thing so embrace something new, something different, and let’s see where we end up!

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Are you ready to step into God’s adventure for your life? Join us for the Youier Games, on Tuesday September 20th. Youier.com/youier-games Get ready to end the year well & prepare for what’s next.

Because there’s adventure even in the seemingly mundane when you do life with God – and it’s so much more powerful when you journey in community!